Covet Jewellery
223 W. 10th St.


Ilana Fine Jewelry
42 University Pl.


Innasense Gems
215 W. 10th St.


Laura Lobdell Jewelry
183 W. 10th St.


Tom Binns Megastore  Jewels
41 Perry St.



























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"There's definitely more lace than leather in the Village today, and many more families," says Ed Ferris of William B. May. Brokers say they're seeing lots of entertainment types as well as Wall Streeters who want to be near work. Although some high-rises have popped up in the last few years, there's still no better spot for charming townhouse apartments on quiet, tree-lined streets.


In the late '80s, the little triangle created by Jane Street, Eighth Avenue and West Fourth Street turned into an impromptu AIDS memorial. Later, the DOT added a tree and created a pedestrian island with granite slabs, and bike racks
West Village preservationists were aghast at these modern abominations, and the DOT soon backpedaled, removing the infernal bike racks and replacing the granite slabs with planters.